Monday, December 29, 2008

Im sleepyy[:

I LOVE LIFETIME. Haha im a lifetime freak[: I love pretty much every movie that comees on[: and every show[[: You wanna know what else i love? SPONGEBOB[: Hes amazing. Like im gonna marry him one day[: His laugh is supahh fly[: Haha, well im off from cheering for two weeks and i actually really wanna goo back. :[ Haha but ill live haha anyways im gonna Go nightyyy nightt time[: peace lovahss[:

Saturday, October 11, 2008


The thing i think that pisses me off the most is when people say cheering isnt a sport. Cheerleaders have to go in a hot and sweaty gym working their tails off all times during the year to perform 3 minutes on the mat. We tumble we stunt we run we exercise we do it all. We risk our lives. Cheering is probally the most amazing thing that has happened to me. I mean sure its not perfect but what is? Ive gotten injured many times before but you cant let it stop you. I hate the girls that sign up for it that dont wanna do it. That bugs me the most. Cheering is my life i love itt(: FAME allstars is the best cheering team out there(: Watchh out(: Our tiny tots are amazing and so are our mini's they are the best little kid cheerleaders i know(: Haha I belive in me i belive in you i belive in us i belive in this team and i belive in fame F-A-M-E FAME! For all of you cheerleaders dont take people calling it not a sport because it totally is(:

Friday, October 10, 2008


Silence can be so freaking loud. I've never listened to myself. There was always something wrong but i always blocked it out. When everything is silent and still all you can hear is your thoughts and your heart. You finally start to realize the most important person isnt listening. Yourself. You go to tell somebody how you feel but they hear you they dont listen. Its not their problem so why should they? You find yourself trapped not bring able to escap. There is no way out.

Nights in rodanthe

Tonight i am going to see nights in rodanthe with three of my best friends.
I feel it will be a good movie and yes i probally will cry. Haha. Well this is my first blog i will be doing more poetry and getting things off of my mind so check back every once and a while you never know what you could find in my blog (: